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Eating Disorder Specialist

Anne is an eating disorder specialist with over 25 years of experience working with this unique population. She has been the founder and clinical director for 3 eating disorder programs in Orange county including 17 years as the clinical director at Mission Hospital, Laguna Beach from 1997 to 2014. After leaving Mission Hospital, Anne was able to devote her time to building her private practice which was primarily focused on eating disorders.


Anne is dedicated to helping her clients overcome their eating disorders and develop a healthy relationship with food, weight and body image. She understands that everyone is on a different journey and her role as a dietitian or psychotherapist (or both) is to adapt her approach depending on the individual and family needs. Her goal is to help them move away from disordered eating patterns and work towards normalizing their relationship with food, weight and body image. She uses nutrition education; meal planning; intuitive eating; and or family based treatment (Maudsley Approach). Anne will also incorporate experiential work depending on the needs of the client

As a psychotherapist, she will work to explore underlying issues and concerns that foster the eating disorder and work towards addressing these issues and concerns  while helping them develop healthy life skills.  She will also work with her clients to address any co-occurring issues and concerns. Ultimately, Anne's goal is to work with her client to reach their full potential as a recovered, healthy resilient individual living a balanced and healthy life!

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